Our Classes

Saturday morning 9am

THIS, right here is the ultimate start to your weekend.

Whether this is your first visit to a yoga class or you have a well established practice, this class will take you through a series of postures (asanas) which will allow you to generate heat in your body. Once the body is warmed and worked, the class will slow to allow you to sink deeper into the poses; stretching and massaging your muscles.

A mixture of Vinyasa and Hatha, this class will give your body a work out and allow you the time to reconnect with the mind as you focus inwardly on breathing with each movement.

But if that sounds a bit scary, please don’t worry. Sharing the joy of yoga is my passion and I LOVE watching someone find it for the first time!

Peace and Plants X

What is yoga?

Yoga is more than a work out, an opportunity to count how many times you breathe in and out or a space where you’re actually encouraged to lie for a few moments in blissful well earned stillness; it is a way of life built on Ancient Indian traditions.

But it is a calorie burning workout too.

Oh, and you will probably be asked at some point to lengthen your inhales and exhales.

And there will DEFINITELY be a moment of beautiful, restful calm at the end (Yogis call this Savasana).


Don’t just take our word for it…