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Noisy Yoga

Don’t worry – there’s no expectation that you’ll set your baby into an acroyogic plank pose and then climb aboard…

When the horrible big kids go back to school, pick up your mat and bring the small people with you to North. This is yoga like you’ve never known it – and it’s just as it should be. If you need to chat to your toddler all the way through, pause and feed the baby or you’re lucky enough to bring one that sleeps all the way through; all are welcome!

I will run a full hour yoga class, all the way to and including the lovely savasana at the end. You can stay with me from beginning to end or drop out to read a quick story and then drop back in again. No-one in the room will expect it to be quiet, so we can all relax and take what we need from the flow.

And of course I’ll pop the kettle on at the end.

Look forward to meeting you and the wee one!

What is yoga?

Yoga is more than a work out, an opportunity to count how many times you breathe in and out or a space where you’re actually encouraged to lie for a few moments in blissful well earned stillness; it is a way of life built on Ancient Indian traditions.

But it is a calorie burning workout too.

Oh, and you will probably be asked at some point to lengthen your inhales and exhales.

And there will DEFINITELY be a moment of beautiful, restful calm at the end (Yogis call this Savasana).


Don’t just take our word for it…